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SD129 Fine Arts Festival
  • #129FAF  

Auditorium Stage Cafeteria Library Main Gym
10:00a McCleery Choir West High Jazz Band Schneider Singers Smith School
El Sistema Orchestra
10:30 Washington Mixed Choir   
Smith School
3rd & 4th Grade Choir
West High Symphonic Winds
11:00 West High Madrigal Singers Fearn 2nd Grade Dancers Herget Honors Choir
11:30 Goodwin Choir
Middle School Solo and
Ensemble Honor Events
West High Wind Ensemble
12:00p Greenman Singers 8th Grade Festival Choir
12:30 Freeman 5th Grade Choir Show
Hope Wall School
1:00 Jefferson 8th Grade Choir Nicholson Drum Club Jewel 8th Grade Choir Jefferson & Washington
7th Grade Band with the
West High Wind Symphony
1:30 Hall Chorale West High Stage Band WAHS STUDyhall and Acabelles
2:00 Hill School 4th & 5th
Grade Honor Choir

Herget and Jewel
7th Grade Band with the
West High Wind Symphony