Class of  1999
Fearn students
Fearn Student
Nicholson first day

Nicholson Elementary First Day

McCleery first day

McCleery Elementary Rock stars!

Smith student

Smith Elementary student getting back in the routine

fearn first day
Jewel Friends Reunited

Jewel Friends Reunited on First Day

Rocking the First Day

Rocking the First Day

Mr. Smith Greets Student

Mr. Smith Greets Student


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In The News


This week the Command Staff and I were honored to attend the kick-off assemblies at District 131 and 129. It was amazing to be a part of the energy and inspiration as the school year begins! APD wishes you a productive, safe and fun year.

I have a special message of gratitude for the Superintendent of West Aurora School District 129, Dr. Craig.

Read More about Chief Ziman presents Superintendent Jeff Craig an APD Challenge Coin.

By The Numbers


Opening in fall of 2019 will be the Weisner Family Career and Development Center! It will hold a welding bay complete with 18 welding booths, and a precision machining bay, featuring 11 pieces of industry standard manual machining equipment and 4 pieces of industry standard computer numerical control machining equipment! More programs to come!


The total number of science lab classrooms that will be renovated between Jefferson Middle School and West Aurora High School this summer!  Thank you, Dunham Fund!


The number of spectacular schools in School District 129 thanks to a recent $84.2-million-dollar bond referendum!


The percentage of West Aurora School District teachers who hold a master's degree or higher!