2020/21 Reopening Plan

SD129 Remote Learning Update 9/17/2020


Overview of Virtual Learning Experience

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  • All students will participate in virtual learning to start the school year
  • A redesigned virtual instructional approach, not the same remote learning that was used in the spring
  • A traditional school calendar 
  • An entirely online experience and learning structure with access to collaboration tools
  • Some identified IEP students will be phased to in-person instruction in late September
  • A mode of instruction that will not be impacted by future, more restrictive state mandates regarding COVID-19
  • Students will participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning following their daily schedule
    • Synchronous learning is learning that happens at the same time for the instructor and the learners, meaning that there's real-time interaction between them. Asynchronous learning applies to tasks that students complete on their own (or in small groups), which is not being delivered by the teacher in real time
  • Full access to elective offerings, program enrollment, advance placement, and honors courses
  • Access to any extra-curricular offerings in a virtual or in-person setting

What each grade level would look like

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the abundance of questions we are currently receiving, we also encourage our families to utilize our school or district directories to seek specific answers from the appropriate staff members. For example, a question about a fall athletic program could be asked of the athletic director at your child's school.



Students and parents can get tech assistance through calling
(630) 301-5038 
or by emailing helpdesk@sd129.org 
between the hours of
8 am and 4 pm,

*To clarify, this service provides tech support only and operators will not be equipped to answer other questions nor give homework assistance.



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