Dr. Jeff Craig-Superintendent of Schools

  • Dr. Craig joined District 129 as Superintendent in July of 2014. Previously he served as superintendent of Interstate 35 Community School District in Truro, Iowa, which is near Des Moines, as well as a principal for 11 years at three large comprehensive high schools; Oswego East, Rich East and Central Davenport. Under his leadership, both Math and Reading scores increased on the Prairie State Achievement Exams.

    Dr. Craig has a bachelor’s degree in Education-Industrial arts from Northern Illinois University, a master’s in Administration and Supervision from Loyola University Chicago and a doctor of education degree from the University of Illinois-Champaign. He graduated from Richards High School in Oak Lawn, where he was named a Distinguished Alumnus and a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame.

    Wrestling has played an important part in Dr. Craig’s life. He wrestled on his high school state championship team and later lettered in the sport at NIU. He eventually became a high school wrestling coach. He has been a member of state, national and international wrestling officials associations and assisted in the leadership, organization and the direction of competition for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA and other prestigious wrestling events.

    Dr. Craig will continue to build strong cohesive teams, provide strong leadership and deliver accurate and timely communication. Leadership needs to provide the necessary support for teachers in order to increase our student achievement. Student achievement needs to be first and foremost in our words and deeds. Administration will continue to build upon and nurture positive relationships throughout the district. We will provide a safe and appropriate learning environment for all of our students and staff. The district will continue to attract high quality candidates.