• The Mission Statement of The Technology Department Is:

  • To create an active, engaging, technology-rich learning environment that links students, teachers, schools, and the community to each other and to a global network of information. 

    We believe that all students in a diverse population can experience success in an educational environment that allows and encourages individuals to maximize their unique talents.  District 129 is committed to using telecommunications, information technology resources, and instructional technology to ensure a future-oriented perspective that guarantees students will be competitive in a 21st century workplace.

Don Ringelestein
Director of Technology
Please contact me if you need assistance with:
  • Tech Purchase Authorization
  • Tech Pilot Matters
  • IT Policy Questions
  • Feedback About Technology and the Technology Team
  • Digital Signage
  • General IT questions
  • Pam Abdullah
    State Reporting/Data Office Professional
    Please contact me if you need assistance with:
  • Parent Help Desk
  • Schoology Access
  • Home Access Assistance
  • General Information
  • Jose Arellano
    Network Manager
    Please contact me if you need assistance with:
  • Oversees and Maintains the Districts Network Infrastructure
  • LAN and WLAN
  • Firewall
  • Web Filter
  • Network and Security Implementations
  • Amy Bagliere
    Customer Support Tech-Help Desk
    Please contact me if you need assistance with:
  • Help Desk
  • Computer Issues
  • General Tech Questions
  • Printing Issues
  • Any Other Tech Issues
  • Jeff Drenthe
    Systems Manager
    Please contact me if you need assistance with:
    Pat Peterman
    Users and Communication Manager
    Please contact me if you need assistance with:
  • Manages the District Phone System
  • Manages the District Voicemail System
  • Manages the District Cell Phones
  • Creates and Manages Employee User Accounts
  • Back Up to the HelpDesk
  • Anthony Reiskis
    Implementation Manager
    Please contact me if you need assistance with:
    • Your first method for reporting issues is to enter a ticket into the help desk system 

      The help desk system uses the same username and password that you use to log into your computer or email.

      A video about how to create tickets in the new system can be found here: https://youtu.be/CXvMCFEOcxA

      As always tickets will be prioritized and completed by order of submission date.



      eSchool, Schoology & School Messenger  
      Sharon Thierfelder    sthierfelder@sd129.org  ext 5042
      (Contact Help Desk  for new application support issues)

      State Reporting and Registration
      Sonya Leto                sleto@sd129.org  ext 5043

      Phones, voicemail, new logins
      Pat Peterman                    ppeterman@sd129.org  ext 5065

      For an emergency situation where you need immediate assistance with the following issues:
      Amy Bagliere                     abagliere@sd129.org  ext  5038                      

      All password resets
      Computer issues
      General tech questions                                 
      Internet outages in buildings                         
      Printing issues                                                 
      Any other tech issues