Hall of Honor Nomination

  • Dear Friends and Fellow Alumni:

    West Aurora High School and the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools are seeking nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award program.

    The Hall of Honor, which began in 2006, annually recognizes those alumni who have distinguished themselves beyond their high school years through significant accomplishments in their field(s) of endeavor and humanitarian service, with important emphasis given to their global, international, national, and regional impact.

    Inductees have included a wide range of accomplishments in the fields of graphic and performing arts, education, engineering, management, science, medicine and health, law, and military service. Inductees are honored by plaques with biographies displayed prominently in the high school auditorium foyer. All alumni, beginning with the first graduating class of 1870, are eligible for consideration. The Distinguished Alumni Hall of Honor Selection Committee invites you to nominate yourself or anyone else who fits the above criteria. Please make the nominees credentials as specific as possible. The committee will determine the inductees based upon the information in the nomination. Please be sure it is as complete as possible. After the inductees are selected, those qualified nominees who are not selected will automatically be candidates for the following four years.

    The following form must be submitted by September 1, 2019 to enhance the nominee's chance of acceptance.