West Aurora CARES

  • West Aurora's  partnership program, West Aurora CARES, is a collaboration between our schools and the business community.  West Aurora CARES provides new and innovative opportunities for youth by linking classroom education to workplace experience.

    Although schools and businesses are very different types of organizations, schools can learn important lessons from businesses. Businesses also have an obvious interest in the schools. The need for highly-trained and well-educated workforce has never been greater. The desire to build a safe and  thriving community is felt by all. By partnering with local schools, every business will have a role in reaching these goals.

    The West Aurora CARES Partnership Program is an avenue to help our students travel down the road to success.  Through job shadowing, mentoring, tutoring, participating in Career Days, staff training, sponsorships and  other means; the local business  community can make a direct impact and help our students in District 129.

    Every partnership will be tailored to your specific want and student need.To participate in this program, please complete this form so we may contact you.

Benefits for Schools

    • More opportunity for students- Business professionals bring a host of new skills and  experiences that our children need!
    • New energy- Company volunteers can bring a new light to any lesson, program, or conversation!
    • Stronger relations- Involving businesses in schools adds a new perspective to the community!
    • More resources- Business partners may be able to provide in-kind donations, technical assistance, volunteer support or money for programs!
    • Role models- Often our childrenÕs role models are not accessible. Now they will  see them regularly.

Benefits for Businesses

    • Positive customer relations- Your  commitment to the West Aurora  community is likely to make a positive impression on customers.
    • Improved employee morale- Company volunteer programs help to increase  motivation in your business.
    • New business - School partnerships can expand your market and increase access  to key groups.
    • Community exposure and awareness- School partnerships can also offer public relations opportunities and media.
    • Tax savings- Financial contributions and some in-kind donations are tax-deductible.