• There may be times when the inclement weather may cause the district to close school, delay start times, or dismiss early. In the event of one of these weather related schedule changes, we will make every effort to communicate our decision in a timely manner so that our families, staff, and students can prepare. Below are the details on the procedures when making decisions regarding inclement weather or schedule changes.

    Decisions on weather related schedule changes are made after careful consideration. The district consults with the following internal departments and external partners in the community.

    City of Aurora (Road Conditions)

    West Aurora Transportation Department (busing safety)

    District 129 Operations Department (snow removal)

    National Weather Service (weather updates)

    Surrounding school Districts (information sharing)


    The decision process begins the evening prior or early in the morning around 4:00 a.m. When conditions threaten the safety of the children and District 129 staff who are walking, driving, or riding buses to school, District 129 will make a decision for one of the following schedule changes:

    Close school for the day

    Late start day

    Dismiss early for the school day 

    As soon as the decision is made we will share the information through multiple channels of communication.


    Voice blast through Blackboard Connect

    Email blast through Blackboard Connect

    Message on the district website, www.sd129.org

    Message on the District 129 Facebook and Twitter pages

    School closings will be shared with local Chicago news stations and radio stations.

    We will make every effort to make a decision by 5:00 a.m. and communicate our decision by 5:30 am. There may be some occasions when it will not be possible to make these times frames as the weather can change unexpectedly. There also may be times when the district will be able to make decisions the day before so that parents, staff members, and students know what will happen the following day. In any event, we will make our best effort to communicate in a timely manner.