Community Affairs

The Community Affairs Department is committed to providing convenient and easily accessible communication methods to parents, teachers, students and community members. Our department manages and facilitates the district’s social media and web presence. Additionally, public relations requests are processed through our office. 


During the course of the school year, we understand that situations may arise that require the parents or guardians of our students to contact staff members. 
To ensure a prompt and comprehensive response, the following protocol has been established to provide guidance regarding whom parents or guardians should address their questions and/or concerns.  It is our hope that by following this process, the school district will be able to best meet the needs of student, while addressing the concern or question from the parent/guardian.



SD129 Director of Community Affairs handles all media requests, including interviews and site visits. While the district is committed to open, two-way communication, this must be balanced against the right to privacy of minors who attend our schools. All media inquiries should be directed to the Director of Community Affairs, exceptions include public meetings, routine athletic and/or extracurricular activity news coverage during games, and/or performances conducted outside the normal school day.

Communicate with parents ahead of the event. Check the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) list to ensure that all students have appropriate permissions to be photographed or interviewed.



SD129 publishes an electronic communication piece every Friday. Community members without a student enrolled in the district can sign up to receive our weekly newsletter. Parents/guardians are automatically signed up if they have provided an email address to their school through Home Access Center.



Visit the district news section of the website to view recent press releases.



Our Community Affairs Department manages the content on the district website. To report content issues, contact Tammie Babbitt at 630.301.5045.

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Anna Gonzales

Anna Gonzales

Director of Community Affairs
Elena Blackwell

Elena Blackwell

Office Professional, Interdepartmental O.P. for Community Affairs