Student Services

Student Services provide resources to students and families of District 129 to support in academic, social, emotional and physical growth in a safe and healthy environment. We are dedicated to supporting our students and families to help all students become successful learners and to be college and career ready when they graduate high school. Student Services includes the offices of Behavior, Counseling and Equity & Access.

Student Handbooks

High School Handbook

West High Student Handbook
First page of the PDF file: WestHighStudentHandbook
Weapons Prohibited Items Parent Letter
Rights and Responsibilities
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020
Derechos y Responsabilidades
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020Spanish

Middle School Handbook

Middle School Handbook
First page of the PDF file: MiddleSchoolHandbook20192020
Weapons Prohibited Items Parent Letter
Rights and Responsibilities
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020
Derechos y Responsabilidades
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020Spanish

Elementary School Handbook

Elementary Student Handbook
First page of the PDF file: ElementaryStudentHandbook20192020
Weapons Prohibited Items Parent Letter
Rights and Responsibilities
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020
Derechos y Responsabilidades
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020Spanish

Blackhawk Academy

Weapons Prohibited Items Parent Letter
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020
First page of the PDF file: RightsandResponsibilities2019_2020Spanish

Student Technology




District 129 is committed to student-centered learning that fosters academic success for all students by providing an environment of equity and opportunity. In 2015, District 129 began piloting the use of Chromebooks and iPads throughout the district. The results of this initiative have been positive, and we are now ready to implement a three-year deployment of devices throughout the district providing equal access to technology devices for all District 129 students. Students who are issued a device will take it home as an extension of their daily studies and to complete homework. Students will have access to their personalized Schoology account, as well as various online resources from their teachers, all accessible through their Chromebook or iPad.

Every student can elect to participate in the Technology Protection Plan. The purpose of the Technology Protection Plan is to protect families against potentially high repair costs for damaged devices. The cost of enrollment in the Technology Protection Plan is $25 and is in effect for one year ($25 per student, with a maximum of $50 per family). Families can re-enroll in the plan each year. This $25 covers the first incident of damage to the student’s device. Any additional incidents of damage will follow the tiered scale below:

The Technology Protection Plan is not subject to fee waiver, as it is optional to participate. Parents may enroll in the Technology Protection Plan by visiting Families wishing to pay with cash may obtain a prepaid card for this program by visiting the main office at their student’s school. This prepaid card can then be used to complete payment on the One2One Risk website.

If you have questions, we have a website with details and a Frequently Asked Questions section. You can find it at You may also email us at or contact us at (630) 301-5067. Questions can also be directed to your child’s teacher or in person at your school’s Open House.

We are excited for your student to have access to these technology tools, and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve throughout the year!

  • First incident = No cost to family
  • Second incident = Additional $50
  • Third incident = Additional $75
  • Lost or stolen AC adapter = No cost to replace (first incident)
  • Loss or theft of the device is not covered by this plan. In those instances, the cost of replacement will be covered by the individual family. In some cases, private home or auto insurance may cover the loss.




El Distrito 129 está comprometido con el aprendizaje centrado en el estudiante que fomenta el éxito académico de todos los estudiantes, proporcionando un entorno de equidad y oportunidad. En el año 2015, el Distrito 129 comenzó el programa piloto para utilizar Chromebooks y iPads en todo el distrito. Los resultados de esta iniciativa han sido positivos y ahora estamos listos para un programa de implementación de tres años en el distrito, que proporcione acceso equitativo a dispositivos tecnológicos para todos los estudiantes del Distrito 129. Los estudiantes que reciban un dispositivo tendrán la oportunidad de llevárselo a casa como una extensión de sus estudios diarios y para completar tareas. Los estudiantes tendrán acceso a su aplicación personalizada Schoology, así como diversos recursos en línea recomendados por sus maestros, a través de su Chromebook o iPad.

Cada estudiante puede elegir participar en el Plan de Protección Tecnológica. El propósito del Plan de Protección de Tecnología es proteger a las familias contra los costos de reparación potencialmente altos en caso de daños al dispositivo. El costo de inscripción en el Plan de Protección de Tecnología es de $25 y es vigente durante un año ($25 por estudiante, con un máximo de $50 por familia). Las familias pueden volver a inscribirse en el plan cada año. Esta cuota de $25 cubre el primer incidente de daño en el dispositivo del estudiante. Cualquier incidente adicional de daño seguirá la siguiente escala de niveles:

El Plan de Protección de Tecnología no está sujeto a la exención de tarifas, y la participación es opcional. Los padres pueden inscribirse en el Plan de Protección de Tecnología visitando  Las familias que deseen pagar en efectivo pueden obtener una tarjeta prepaga para este programa visitando la oficina principal de la escuela de su hijo. Esta tarjeta prepaga se puede usar para completar el pago en el sitio web One2One Risk

Si tiene alguna pregunta, tenemos una página de internet disponible con más detalles y una sección de Preguntas Frecuentes en También puede enviar un correo electrónico a la dirección ó comunicarse al teléfono (630) 301‐5067. Las preguntas también se pueden dirigir al maestro de su hijo/a o plantearse personalmente durante la Noche de Bienvenida ‘Open House’.

¡Estamos muy emocionados que sus estudiantes sean parte de este programa, y no podemos esperar a ver lo que van a lograr durante todo el año!

  • Primer incidente = Sin costo alguno para la familia
  • Segundo incidente de daños = $50 adicionales
  • Tercer incidente de daños = $75 adicionales
  • Pérdida o robo del cable de carga = Sin costo de remplazo (primer incidente)
  • La pérdida o robo de este dispositivo no está cubierto por este plan. En este caso, el costo de reemplazo estaría cubierto por la familia. En ciertas ocasiones, su seguro de hogar o auto puede cubrir la perdida.

Expectations & Guidelines

There are expectations around how students handle and use technology. Please review the letters attached below with your student(s).

 Acceptable Use Guidelines for Electronic Communications 

Read WASD 129 Board Policy


Enrollment & Registration

To enroll your current or new student, please visit the Admissions Department page.

Graduation & Secondary Education

College & Readiness

Freshman Year

Freshman year is a difficult year, yet it is the most important indicator of student success. Academic planning, career exploration, adjustment to the role of a young high school adult and involvement in school events are the areas of concentration for the incoming high school student.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year focuses on continuing to build a strong GPA and class rank. Sophomores now move from the adjustment phase of the freshman year to understanding the world of work and their role in it. Some of the aspects emphasized during this grade level include understanding: the nature of work, career path options, and demands, workplace ethics, educational commitment, and job outlook. If their schedule allows, it is now time to select coursework that supplements their career interest/talents. 

Junior Year

Junior year continues to stress the importance of GPA and class rank while heightening opportunities to facilitate post-secondary decision-making and planning. This includes guiding students to seek relative and current information pertaining to their post-secondary options (2-year college, 4-year college, military, technical/trade school or work).

Senior Year

Senior year is still a time for students to continue good study habits in order to maintain a solid GPA and class rank. It is important to continue t take challenging courses in order to best prepare for post-secondary options. It is also important to review progress towards graduation, begin to follow a transition plan for life after high school and meet deadlines for college admissions, NCAA, scholarships, testing, and financial aid. This is a fun time as students can now look back on how they have matured, but there is still work to be done as students prepare for the next phase of their life. 


for more information

Graduation Details

Cap & Gown

To order or pay for a Senior's cap and gown, announcements, or any other Senior products,
please contact Herff Jones at (815)-756-4743 or visit their website below:

Herff jones

Graduation Credit Requirements

A student must earn a minimum of 22 credits to graduate from West Aurora High School.

The minimum of 22 units of credit include the following required courses:

English 4 credits
1 Grammar/Intensive Writing
1 Sophomore Lit
1 American Lit/Intensive Writing

1 English Elective

Math 3 credits
1 Algebra
1 Math course with Geometrical Concepts
1 additional Math course in the proper sequence

Social Studies 2 credit

1/2 Government
1/2 Economics
1 US History
Electives 7 credits Must include...
1 art
1 music

Foreign language or vocational course

Science 2 credits
Health 1/2 credit
P.E./Driver Ed. 3 1/2 credits

1. Under special circumstances, junior and senior students can obtain a “physical education waiver”. Students can obtain more information about the “physical educational waiver” by contacting their school counselor.

2. A student may meet the Consumer Economic requirement by participating in and passing a full year of a school-sponsored work co-op program. In these cases, students must substitute another social studies class for the Economics course since two years of social studies are required for graduation.

For students planning on attending a four year university after graduation, admissions requirements may vary. See individual university web pages for specifics. In general, students planning on attending a four year university after high school should plan on the following:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of math (Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2)
  • 3 years of science
  • 3 years of social studies
  • 2 years of the same foreign language
  • 2 years of fine arts or 2 years of vocational course

Transcripts Request

Current Students:
Please contact the Registrar at your school to request your transcripts. Transcripts will be delivered to the colleges you chose in the desired format.

Please follow the link below to request your transcript online.

Transcript Request

Equity & Access

21st MyTime Century

The 21st Century MyTime program will not operate on half-days, non-attendance days, school holidays, and emergency school closing days. The program operates during the school year for a minimum of 28 weeks and summer programming is also provided through the 21st Century Grant. The program will provide daily snacks as well as materials for academic and enrichment activities.

21st Century MyTime programs are being held at the following schools in West Aurora.


Freeman Elementary                       McCleery Elementary                   

Greenman Elementary                    Nicholson Elementary                 

Hall Elementary                                Smith Elementary

Hill Elementary

Middle School 

Herget Middle School

Jefferson Middle School


For more information

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McKinney-Vento Act

First page of the PDF file: parentposter_eng_color
First page of the PDF file: parentposter_sp_color
First page of the PDF file: Should_my_child_change_schools
First page of the PDF file: Area_Food_Pantries

Helpful Parent Resources

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Brenda Gonzalez

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