Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning facilitates the assessment, curriculum, 
and professional development for K-12 programming in all core subjects.

Assessments are an integral part of the educational process in West Aurora School District 129. Our primary goal in administering assessments is to improve student learning. Through the use of assessments, teachers are able to determine what and how students are learning and next steps in the learning process for all students. Assessments provide us the necessary data to make decisions about teaching individual students as well as identifying trends across the district. Although we rely on assessments to help identify next steps, it is important to remember that any one assessment is a limited source of information and must be used as one of many data points that inform us about a student.

We strive to provide a viable curriculum which connects instructional methods, resources, goals and assessments—all of which help a student learn. We assist teachers in facilitating exceptional academic and social growth for all students.

We strive to become an organization that values professional learning as a platform to provide our students and community with meaningful learning opportunities that will make a positive impact in the lives of our students.

Dr. Brent Raby

Dr. Brent Raby

Associate Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Teaching & Learning, Administration
Kristina Green

Kristina Green

Office Professional
Joanne Gorter

Joanne Gorter

Office Professional, Special Ed
Special Education Administrator