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In West Aurora School District 129, the guiding principles of assessment form a crucial foundation for evaluating learner progress and facilitating meaningful growth. These principles center around three key tenets: revealing understanding, informing practice, and providing constructive feedback. Each principle encapsulates a distinct purpose, collectively working to enhance the learning experience and promote continuous improvement. By embracing these principles, we not only gauge the extent of a learner's understanding and skills but also tailor their instructional approaches, ultimately fostering a dynamic and effective learning environment.

Our assessment calendar can be found on this page which provides an overview of the different assessments that are administered by the district and at which grade levels. This calendar only accounts for assessments given at the district level and does not include the individual formative assessments that teachers might use on a more frequent basis in the classroom.

You can also find links to the School Report cards that are released each year by the Illinois State Board of Education.

David Russell

David Russell

Assistant Director of Assessment