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The Multilingual Learner (ML) Department supports the district’s mission of “Fostering an Environment of Equity and Opportunity”. We are committed to ensuring that all Multilingual Learners develop linguistic and academic skills to become productive members of a global society. West Aurora School District 129 enrolls approximately 3,800 students who are classified as multilingual learners in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. We provide services to meet the linguistic and academic needs of children whose native language is not English. Students from over 42 different language backgrounds are represented in our classrooms. Spanish speaking students comprise the vast majority followed by Karen, Swahili, Arabic, Nepali, and Yoruba speaking students, among others.


Guiding Principles for Multilingual Learners:

Multilingualism is an Asset: Multilingual students' unique characteristics leverage learning in the classroom and develop agency.
Full Linguistic Repertoire: Multilingual students use their full linguistic repertoire to engage and enrich their educational experience.
Amplify Language: Multilingual students’ language development occurs overtime in valued, meaningful and engaging activities.

Language Learning Standards

Students are expected to acquire both linguistic and academic skills. Our district utilizes the WIDA standards to support language learning in the classroom.


Legislation and Rules/Transitional Bilingual Education

Services for English Learners in Illinois are defined in Article 14C of the School Code and Part 228 of the Administrative Code. Additional guidance and links to resources are included below.​ Article 14C Transitional Bilingual Education

Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC)

BPAC is a group of bilingual parents, staff and community members. The purpose of the group is to form a collaborative union amongst school district parents, teachers, and administrators. In addition, parents have access to professional development activities to support their student’s progress in school. BPAC also participates in the review of spending of grant funds.

Comité Asesor de Padres Bilingües (BPAC)

BPAC es un grupo de padres bilingües, personal y personas comunitarias. El propósito del grupo es formar una unión colaborativa entre padres, maestros, y administradores del distrito escolar. Además, los padres tienen acceso a talleres para apoyar el progreso de sus estudiantes en la escuela. BPAC también participa en la revisión de gastos de los fondos provistos por los gobiernos estatales y federales.


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Margarita Vazquez

Margarita Vazquez

Director of Multilingual Learner Programs
Cynthia Ramos

Cynthia Ramos

Elementary Department Administrator
Claudia Rubio

Claudia Rubio

Multilingual Learner Coordinator
Hector Salcido

Hector Salcido

Multilingual Learner Assessor
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Jessica Hernandez Luna

Office Professional