Professional Development



District 129 regards professional development as a fundamental responsibility for all staff. Support is provided to educators in their continual efforts to improve instruction and increase student learning. In addition to job-embedded learning, District 129 employees have the opportunity to participate and engage in district provided professional learning experiences outside of the contractual work day. These courses will challenge participants to make lasting changes in their approach to teaching and learning.

We strive to become an organization that values professional development as a platform to provide our students and community with meaningful learning opportunities that will make a positive impact in the lives of our students.  District 129 regards professional development as fundamental to promoting the success of our school community.  As a learning organization we believe that professional development is an opportunity to empower our community and staff.  Through continuous learning, we will positively impact our students.  Course offerings provide a variety of differentiated learning opportunities for staff and community members that increases participants’ knowledge and skills specifically to impact student growth, achievement, and well-being.  With the intent to deepen our understanding of educational best practices and provide professional learning experiences that will challenge participants to make lasting changes in their approach to learning.  As well as, provide professional learning that results increased student achievement and community involvement. 


To value the commitment to ongoing professional learning, the tiered recognition system has been created to celebrate staff accomplishments and honor the time dedicated to continuous learning. 


  • Classes will be reimbursed of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per credit hour.
  • Any course that is NOT taken through West U must be pre approved by Dr. Smith, HR Department, before the class begins.
  • Professional growth opportunities qualifying for reimbursement must be approved prior to taking the course by Dr. Michael Smith.
  • Teachers will be accepted for tuition reimbursement on a "first come/first served" basis which is based on receipt by the District of a request for reimbursement accompanied by the official transcript and receipt for tuition.
Laura Beatus

Laura Beatus

Professional Developement Coordinator
Melissa Glock

Melissa Glock

Professional Development, Accountability & Evaluation