Educational Equity


District Equity Statement
"As the Board of Education of West Aurora SD 129, while fostering an environment of equity and opportunity, we recognize and embrace the identities, abilities, and voices of our diverse school community." - Adopted 8/7/2023

West Aurora School District 129 is proud to embrace the range of differences that exist within our student body and community.  It is our goal to truly, “Foster an environment of equity and opportunity,”  for our students, families, and staff.  

The district conducted an equity audit that focused on five strands: Systems, Student Voice, Family and Community as Agency, Teaching and Learning, and Professional Development. Through focus group interviews and quantitative data collection, the audit helped the district gain valuable insight about all that we say and do across the district within each of the five strands. The Equity Audit Summary Report revealed areas that needed improvement and the areas where we were already taking steps towards viewing what we do through an equity lens. 

As we continue on our equity journey we will continue to examine what we are excited about, what we are curious about, what we intend to focus on, and the challenges we anticipate as work to make our school community one where all students will thrive.


Dr. Valerie McCall

Dr. Valerie McCall

Director of Educational Equity