Next Superintendent of Schools

West Aurora’s Board of Education has appointed Dr. Michael P. Smith as the next superintendent of schools to succeed Dr. Jeff Craig when he retires in June of 2024. The announcement comes after a seven-month internal search process conducted by the board in collaboration with an independent educational consulting group. Smith’s appointment was approved during the regular board meeting held on November 7, 2022.



Dear West Aurora School District Parents and Guardians, 

It is my honor to introduce myself as your next superintendent upon Dr. Craig’s retirement in June 2024. I have had the great honor of serving in a variety of roles throughout District #129, and at each step, had the fortune of interacting and partnering with parents/guardians along the way. I truly value the connection between the home and school and feel that partnership is vital as we look to support the students we serve. 

As a district parent myself, I am keenly aware of what it means to trust the teachers and staff of the school district to care for our children. As such, I do not take lightly the weight of what carrying that trust means. We as a staff have, and will continue, to look for new and better ways to connect with you all. As many of you have already demonstrated, I would continue to invite you to reach out and connect with us as a school district. It is only when we stay committed to one another that we can maintain the partnership that allows us to move forward. I would be the first to admit that I have not cornered the market on all of the correct answers, but I have seen the dedication of our staff, in its efforts to find them. You represent a key resource as you have insight into helping us understand the story of the students we seek to support. Your child(ren)’s time is a gift to us and our commitment is to maximize that gift so as to assist them in mining the knowledge and talent that I am confident each one possesses. 

There are a number of you that I have come to know over the years, and I have and will continue to carry the lessons learned from those connections into each day that I serve the community of West Aurora School District #129. For those families that I have yet to meet, I look forward to the lessons that await from what I learn from you all. 

The story of West Aurora School District #129 is rich, and one that we all should be proud of. That richness is based in the connections we have and will form with one another. What is also a reality is that the story is not over. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family's story, and know that we are honored to be given the privilege of doing so. 


Michael P. Smith, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
(Rising Superintendent)
West Aurora School District 129