Clubs & Activities Contact Description Grade Level
Art Club Mrs. Jennifer Hrebik This club currently meets once a week for special art projects. 3rd at this time; may eventually incorporate other grade levels
Band Ms. Tara Blocki Students try various instruments before choosing one for them to play. They meet weekly during school for lessons. There are two concerts a year. Fifth grade only
Basketball Mrs. Anne Kulakowski, P. E. teacher Just after winter break students meet after school to learn techniques of the game and then students break in to teams of 4-5 and play according to the schedule provided by the teacher. There is one session a week for fourth graders. There is one session a week for fifth graders.
Chess Club Mr. Matthew Goles Chess Scholars (847-482-9999) Mondays after school students who have paid per session to Chess Scholars meet and learn techniques as well as play chess. Any grade level
Choir Mrs. Jennifer Moe This group meets once a week to sing. They provide a program or two throughout the year and sing at local events. This activity is for third through fifth grade students.
Drama Club Mrs. Jennifer Moe Students try out for the end-of-the-year play in early fall and continue to rehearse weekly until the play is presented in the spring. 3rd, 4th, 5th
Literacy through the Arts Ms. Jennifer Hrebik or Mrs. Lisa Thomas At this time the program meets two times a week from October 27th through February 2nd. The purpose is to enhance literacy skills through engaging art, music and poetry lessons 1st and 2nd grade at this time
Math Club Mrs. Valerie Jones After school activity once a week focusing on math for students in fourth grade. 4th
Running Club Megan Anderson This club runs in the fall and spring weather permitting. Fourth and Fifth Grade
Student Council Mrs. Michelle Glosemeyer 3rd, 4th, and 5th
Volleyball Mrs. Anne Kulakowski, P.E. teacher In the late fall students meet after school to learn techniques and play volleyball. This sport ends at winter break. There is a weekly session for fourth grade. There is a weekly session for fifth grade.
World Language After School Exposure Program Mrs. Mary Ellen Peffer or Mrs. Shelly Walden This is an on-line language program that meets twice a week in our computer lab after school from November 2-December 4, 2015. This program is for fifth graders only.