• Freshman Year

      Freshman year is a difficult year, yet it is the most important indicator of student success. Academic planning, career exploration, adjustment to the role of a young high school adult and involvement in school events are the areas of concentration for the incoming high school student. Click Here for More Information


    • Sophomore Year

      Sophomore year focuses on continuing to build a strong GPA and class rank. Sophomores now move from the adjustment phase of the freshman year to understanding the world of work and their role in it. Some of the aspects emphasized during this grade level include understanding: the nature of work, career path options, and demands, workplace ethics, educational commitment, and job outlook. If their schedule allows, it is now time to select coursework that supplements their career interest/talents. Click Here for More Information


    • Junior Year

      Junior year continues to stress the importance of GPA and class rank while heightening opportunities to facilitate post-secondary decision-making and planning. This includes guiding students to seek relative and current information pertaining to their post-secondary options (2-year college, 4-year college, military, technical/trade school or work). Click Here for More Information


    • Senior Year

      Senior year is still a time for students to continue good study habits in order to maintain a solid GPA and class rank. It is important to continue t take challenging courses in order to best prepare for post-secondary options. It is also important to review progress towards graduation, begin to follow a transition plan for life after high school and meet deadlines for college admissions, NCAA, scholarships, testing, and financial aid. This is a fun time as students can now look back on how they have matured, but there is still work to be done as students prepare for the next phase of their life. Click Here for More Information