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    Welcome to Freeman Elementary School

    Each year, we have a large number of PTA members join at Freeman and we thank each and every one of you for your continued commitment!  We are always looking for more support so if you are new to Freeman or have never joined previously, we encourage you to take the very first step to become a member! 

    Over the years, we have seen the important role our parents, guardians and grandparents play at Freeman.  Research shows time and again that parental/family involvement in a child’s school experience equals a more successful student. 

    Your PTA membership contributions go a long way to support our events and there is no need to volunteer if you are busy.  If you do have some time, there are many ways you can engage at Freeman – from attending a family fun night or corporate sponsorship night, donating food, or volunteering for a committee – we are sure there is something just for you!





  • Upcoming 2018 PTA events: 

    Sept 20: Bingo Night!
    Oct. 20: FREEMAN FUN FAIR!!!!!!
    Nov. 12 - 16: American Education Week & Freeman Book Fair
    Nov. 14: Grandparents Day


    Please visit our Volunteer Info page to see how you can help.

    September 13th, 2018 is our next meeting!  
    Visit our Meeting Dates Page for all meeting dates. 

    Please visit our Events/Calendar page and check out our upcoming and yearly events.