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     Thank you to all the teachers, Staff and Students who participated in the Fall Fundraiser. The PTA has handed out all of the books as well as the prizes to the students. If you did not receive one, please let us know. 

    You can still purchase a book if you need more. Please just click on the link below 

    Please join us for our December PTA Meeting - Wed December 5th at 5:30pm
    Do you have an idea for a fundraiser, special event or want to help? The PTA meeting is the time to meet with us and share your insights and freat ideas!

    If you have any additional questions please contact Frances Maxwell






    Please consider joining Herget PTA, 10% of PTA revenue comes from our membership. Volunteer participation is not required to be a PTA member. There are also benefits and savings you can get with your PTA card. Please go to our Membership & Benefits Page to learn more.

    Click here for our PTA membership form, please return to school in an envelope addressed Membership, Checks payable to HERGET PTA.

Herget PTA Homepage


    Welcome to Herget Middle School.
    Whether you are returning or a new family, we hope you'll help in making this a year to remember for your student. You'll find middle school does not require as much parent involvement as grade school. Throughout the year help will be needed at our four events, and with food donations. However, one of the best ways for you and your family to support our Huskies is to join the PTA. Your membership contributions go a long way to support our events and there is no need to volunteer if you are busy. 
    Everyone is welcome to attend our PTA meetings. Even if you do not have time to volunteer please attend the monthly meetings to hear the Principal's Report about our school; see what we are all about and share your input. Communication is at the center of our board’s mission as well as a teamwork approach. We encourage parents and teachers to share their skills, knowledge, thoughts and ideas with us. Please let us know how we can help you. Do not hesitate to ask us for anything you need. We look forward to working with you.

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