It is the policy of the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools that:

    • All cash receipts will be deposited into one of A+ Foundation funds at the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley.
    • If a gift is accepted with a donor designated restriction, the restricted use of the gift will be honored.
    • Appropriate operating procedures are in place and are being followed so as to ensure that all assets of the A+ Foundation are accounted for and used for their intended purpose.

    The following cash and gift management procedures have been implemented to ensure that the policies set forth above are achieved. 

    The A+ Foundation’s checking account will operate as an inprest account with a balance of $5,000.

    • All receipts coming to the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools will be transferred to the Community Foundation to be placed into the appropriate A+ Fund at the Community Foundation.  Documents accompanying the transfer will contain sufficient information so that Community Foundation records will reflect the activity for which the funds were initially received. 
    • Periodically, but at least quarterly, a request for reimbursement for any expenditures from this account will be submitted to the Community Foundation.  This request will be supported by all necessary detail so as to meet Community Foundation’s requirements for distribution from the appropriate A+ fund in the Community Foundation.
    • The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the checkbook.
    • The Treasurer will receive the monthly bank statement directly from the bank and is responsible for reconciling the account each month.

    The benefit of these procedures being that all A+ Foundation cash receipts and disbursements will flow through the Community Foundation and are therefore subject to Audit by the Community Foundation’s auditor.


    • Unless a donor directs that their gift to the A+ Foundation is to be placed into one of our endowed funds, all gifts to the A+ Foundation will be deposited into the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools Fund at the Community Foundation.
    • Using the Community Foundation’s transaction report for the A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools Fund, records will be maintained reflecting Receipts and Disbursements for each activity of the A+ Foundation as well as for unrestricted gifts.
    • As part of the wrap-up of all events, the A+ Board, on recommendation of the event committee, will determine how the balance generated by the event is to be used.