"We are preparing our students for jobs that do not exist today" Dr. Brent Raby

  • As a result of many years of research and planning on the citywide Pathways to Prosperity initiative, District 129 is constructing a new manufacturing training center and remodeling an existing building to house new health occupation and information technology programs on the West Aurora Campus. These new facilities will be named after the retired mayor and his family “Weisner Family Center for Career Development”.

    The Weisner Family Center for Career Development will be a state and national showcase for innovative program development, student success and community involvement.   They will utilize existing resources and tools to provide educational and work-based learning opportunities for students.  This center will provide students early college credit opportunities, job-ready training and industry credentials to meet the needs of our community.

    The Career Clusters that will be part of the new Weisner Family Center for Career Development are: 
image of Weisner Family Career Technical Center