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 James R. Jorden Scholarship

The James R. Jordan Foundation has developed a scholarship program, the A-Team Scholars. The program’s goal is to increase educational opportunities for students. This program began with Chicago Public Schools; Smith Elementary School in Aurora, Illinois, collaborated with the organization to create these opportunities for West Aurora students.

Beginning in fourth grade, Smith Elementary students had earned $50 for every “A” and $25 for every “B” per quarter in Reading, Math, Writing and Science. This money earned went into a 529 College Savings Plan. On May 9, 2019, the foundation formally recognized the Class of 2019 students at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, and each student received a certificate from Deloris Jordan, Founder, and President of The James R. Jordan Foundation. Students will be able to apply scholarship funds to their post-secondary institution starting this fall. One of our West High students, Phuong Pham, received additional recognition as the second top-earner of all of the students participating in this program. The classes of 2015-2018 have earned a total of $161,050; calculation of the Class of 2019’s final earnings will occur upon completion of their second semester.

Students in attendance at the ceremony are:

Yosor Alwan, Mayra Antunez, Samuel Arsenault, Adonis Cameron, Melissa Guerrero, Sa’Nazia McGee, Phuong Pham, Emily Rodriguez, and Kresean Turnage.